PS IT Clean Urls Module + Redirect 301**


Module distributed under Copylefted Software License.
Version 2.0.7 - Last update: December 14, 2018

©2017 Deposited Copyright*

Prestashop 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 supported!

Supports Multilanguage and Multi-store settings!

Clean your Friendly URLs:

Remove IDs Products and IDs Product Attribute in Products URLs;
Remove IDs in Category URLs;
Remove IDs in Supplier URLs;
Remove IDs in Manufacturer URLs;
Remove IDs in CMS URLs.

Allows setting the entire categories tree (category/sub-categories) and duplicate multilanguage Subcategories Slugs (1) (eg: site/women/tops/tshirts/ and site/man/tops/tshirts/), setting the route category with the structure: {categories:/}{rewrite}/.

Redirect 301 of all old url to the new urls without ids**
ex. old url with ID: mysite/en/tshirts/1-faded-short-sleeves-tshirt.html -> New url without ID (mysite/en/women/tops/tshirts/faded-short-sleeves-tshirt)

One of the few SEO Clean Pretty Urls modules that works with the main Blog modules.

Support Service h24 and 7/7 included in the price!

FREE Update! ***

Installation and Configuration Service from only € 45 ("SingleSite Pack" for € 45, "MultiSite Pack" for € 99)

Redirect 301 for only €7**

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Prestashop SEO product

Version 2.0.7 - Last update: December 14, 2018

Prestashop 1.7 - 1.6 - 1.5

Use our Modules on all your Prestashop sites
without any license limits!

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Boosts your shop's sales

Why is important to remove ids, id_product_attribute - attributes from the friendly urls prestashop?

IMPORTANT NOTE: PS IT Solution sell the license of use of yours Modules and the related services. The PS IT Clean Urls modules, in the version for Prestashop 1.5 / 1.6 and Prestashop 1.7, are sent automatically and immediately to all who request one of the three packages of Services offered (Module + Service Pack or Installation and Configuration Packs). The modules can be REUSED UNLIMITED in own or third-party Prestashop stores. In fact, unlike most similar modules in the market, sold with a single license (buy one module per site), PS IT Solution offers each module for unlimited use. Therefore, buying just one time one of our services package, you will have the right to reuse countless times the modules received, respecting the rules of said License, with the bind of not modifying our Copyright and the link to our Support Service.
The perfect functionality of our modules, for all versions of Prestashop (1.5.x, 1.6.x and 1.7.x), is GUARANTEED and evincible through ours DEMO ON-LINE.
For any questions or clarification, please contact us at the following email address:
(1) The duplication of the urls of the sub-categories in the absence of id, in addition to being discouraged for SEO optimization, is a considerable forcing. In these duplicate categories it is likely that you will have problems with filtering and sorting. We therefore advise against duplication and decline any liability and support, as well as recrimination, for this matter.

* PS IT Clean Modules Deposited Copyright
In order to avoid that, as it has unfortunately happened, third parties use our code for an inappropriate commercial use, claiming their title, we have rewritten and deposited the source code of our Module in its various versions (Prestashop 1.5 / 1.6 and Prestashop 1.7), in order to ensure greater protection for our and your rights.

** Redirect 301 of all old products and cms urls with ids to the corresponding new urls without ids.
Example: mysite/01-product01.html to mysite/product01.html. For Redirect 301 of urls that do not comply with this structure, please, contact us.
For only € 7 (Redirect 301 Pack) you will receive an illustrated manual with all the necessary indications to set it up autonomously.

*** Starting from 1 June 2018 all customers who bought our Modules or the "Installation and Configuration Packs" have the right to request for free the sending of the latest version of our modules (installation and configuration service not included) or a 10% discount for the Installation and Configuration of the new version of our module on a single Website (for more websiste, contact us) To keep up-to-date with news and updates, simply subscribe to our NEWSLETTER . To receive the update, simply contact us at and request the latest update of our PS IT Clean Urls modules, taking care to indicate the Transaction Paypal ID related to the purchase of the service.

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